nepalese food


Dayalu (V) £4.75
Deep-fried potato pate made with lentils, spinach and fresh herbs, served with sesame pickle.

Yogi Walau(V) £4.90
Barbecued diced home-made cheese in medium hot spices with fresh herbs, ginger and garlic.

Tareko Farshi £4.75 (not available for takeaway)
A Classic snack of Nepal. Deep fried sliced courgette coated in popular Nepalese seasoned flour. Served with a mango sauce.

Momo Cha (Momo) £5.25
Our hand made steamed dumplings filled with herbs and tender lamb served with homemade achaar (dipping sauce). A signature dish from Nepal.

Nakese £5.25
Spicy strips of barbecued chicken on a bamboo skewer, Served with a Gurkha special spicy sauce.

Choyala £5.25
Barbecued diced Lambwith hot spice, garlic & ginger.

Tareko Squid £5.50
Delicately spiced squid with herbs, deep-fried.

All chuli dishes are cooked over charcoal.
For this cooking method delicate blending of wide
variety of fresh herbs and spices are used to enhance
rather than overwhelms the flavor of the food.

Khumbu Charmri (V) £9.25
Roasted cottage cheese diced, filled with coconut and fresh mint.

Shangri-La Chicken £9.50
Fillet of chicken delicately cooked with saffron, cheese and cream.

Gurkhali Chicken (M) £9.50
Diced chicken marinated for hours in green chilly, ginger and Nepali herbs.

Sherpa Lamb £9.90
Tender pieces of boneless lamb cooked with mild spices.

Gurkha Diner Tapari (Serve Two) £34.25
A selection of meat, chicken and prawn marinated with herbs and spices and gently cooked in the chuli.

Maccha £10.90
Fresh salmon marinated in fresh herbs then barbecued on a charcoal flame.

Prawn Soonkoshi £11.25
King prawn cooked in delicate spices and exotic flavors.


Tarai Chicken (n) £9.50
Tender pieces of chicken prepared in ginger and served in a delicious lavouring green sauce, infused with coconut, and Nepali herbs.`

Rara Chicken (n) £9.50
Barbecued chicken in a mild tomato sauce topped with cream and almond.

Khasar Chicken (n) £9.50
Tender pieces of breast chicken delicately flavored with saffron and pan-fried in coconut milk.

Khorshani Chicken (VH) £9.50
Another famous dish, tender pieces of chicken with green chilies, tomato, onion, green pepper in herbs and spices.

Kukra (M) £9.50
Delicately flavored chicken with Nepalese herbs cooked in tomato and garlic sauce.

Rana Chicken (n) £9.50
Barbecue breast of chicken in a tomato sauce with herbs and cream, medium hot and sweet.


Pokhareli Lamb £9.90
The classic rich spiced lamb dish from Western Nepal.

Pahadi Lamb (VH) £9.90
Tender pieces of lamb cooked in onions and tomarto sauce, green chillies and curry leaves.

Mayur Lamb (H) £9.90
The most popular dish of southern Nepal: a rich hot and sour taste, prepared with tamarind and lemon.

Mayalu Lamb (n) (M) £9.90
Tender pieces of lamb prepared in a mild sauce blended with fresh cream to create a delicate flavour.

Khasi Tang £12.25
Knuckles of spring lamb cooked for hours at low heat to create a distinctive taste, served with our own special sauce, chickpeas and fresh coriander, a delight you can't afford to miss!!

Meeto Bagu £9.90
Specially prepared pork cooked in a sauce combining three distinctive tastes, hot, sweet and sour.

Sunsari Pork (VH) £9.90
Our own highly popular pork dish form Eastern Nepal.

Kathmandu Pork £9.90
Tender and succulent pork slowly cooked with medium hot spicy sauce with fresh coriander.


Munillo Maccha (M) £11.25
Fillet of salmon cooked in cream, cashew nut and coconut blended together with a touch of saffron to create a unique flavour.

Prawn Asworya £11.75
Prawns cooked in garlic fresh coriander, tomato and very special spices. Favored by young princes for their romantic nights out. They say it had secret powers.

Prawn Raja Rani £11.75
King size prawn cooked with garlic, fresh coriander, tomato and very special spices.

Maha Sagar £16.50 (not available for takeaway)
Large scallops, king size prawn, squid and tilapia fish cooked with a medium spice, tomato and onion sauce ......Yummy!!!


Hariyo Miss Mass £5.75
Seasonal vegetables curry in sesame oil with ginger and garlic.

Lukla Simi £5.75
Mixed beans and peas cooked in a rich spicy tomato sauce.

Daal of the Day £5.75
Various lentils prepared in a special pot served with heated purified butter and garnished with herbs.

Gurkha Aloo £5.50
Diced potatoes delicately prepared in turmeric and cumin seeds.

Chayo-Ko-Tarkari £5.50
Stir fried button mushrooms with green peas and crushed coriander seeds.

Aloo Broccoli £5.50
Broccoli and potatoes cooked in onion and tomato sauce.

Rato Farshi £5.50
Pumpkin cooked in tomato and onion sauce with carom seeds.

Dhahi Bhanta £5.50
Aubergine marinated in yoghurt, cooked fresh to our very own recipe.

Palungo Sag £5.50
Fresh spinach sautéed with fenugreek seeds, full of goodness and delicious. A Nepali favourites.

Pasa chamri £5.75
Pan fried home made cheese cooked with green peas in onion sauce.


Bhat £3.10
Steamed Rice.

Rashilo Bhat £3.45
Rice cooked with bay leaf, cardamom and garnished with brown onion.

Bhuteko Bhat ( White/Brown) £3.90
Fried rice with vegetables and egg.


Nepali Bread £2.90
Wholewheat bread freshly baked in our clay oven.

Garlic Bread £2.90
Wholewheat bread with fresh garlic baked in our clay oven.

Fulka £2.75
Wholewheat thin bread.

Guliyo Roti (n) £3.50
Bread cooked with raisins and nuts.

Patina Patre £3.25
Wholewheat bread with fresh mint.

Piro Bread (H) £3.25
Spicy bread, very popular in Nepal.

CHOW-CHOW (Noodles)

Chow-Chow £7.50
Freshly made noodles delicately prepared according to
traditional Nepalese recipe.

Choice of: Lamb/Chicken/Vegetable


Dahi £1.75
Plain Yoghurt.

Golveda Ko Achar (H) £1.50
Fresh tomato pickle prepared in coriander, garlic and timbur.

Newari Achar (H) £1.50
Fresh vegetables pickle prepared in lemon and chilly sauce (Hot &Sour).

Guliyo Achar £1.50
Sweet mango pickle prepared to our own recipe.

Spicy Prawn Crackers £1.75

Please note:
Dishes marked (n) are cooked with nut
Dishes marked (V) are suitable for vegetarians
Dishes marked (M) are mild
Dishes marked (H) are hot
Dishes marked (VH) are very hot